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Спасти железяку sledge's safe house: зари музыка

Спасти железяку sledge's safe house

Спасти Железяку: Sledge's Safe House Достижение "Discovered Sledge's Safe House" можно получить, обнаружив эту локацию. На одной стене можно. Mine Gate Key edit Your objective in this region is to collect the Mine Gate Key. There are a few places of note as you approach. The first is a claptrap, who can. Железяка (в старом переводе TTL - Трепло, англ. Claptrap, CL4P-TP) - общее название роботов CL4P-TP. I have looked all over the place around the quest marker, but i can't find it. There have been a few other quests i have done where the marker is off by a little bit.

Sledge's Safe House is located north of Arid Hills. Despite this area's name, the bandit leader. Спасти Железяку: Sledge's Safe House (англ. Claptrap Rescue: Safe House ) – побочное задание в. When in sledge's safe house, after you hit the concrete ramp, you will hit a new-u station behind a fence with and opening in it, go to the side of the fence with the. Sledge: To The Safe House is the third in a four part series of missions which

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